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It is for good reason that the word Cancel is a central part of our company’s name, Traveluro. We are a company created by travelers for travelers and as all travelers have experienced at one time or another, even the best laid plans can change. This is why Traveluro offers the option of reselling non-refundable reservations to allow travelers who have had a sudden or unexpected change in plans a way to avoid losing all the money they had invested in their trip.

Since Cancellation policies vary and since we KNOW cancelation better than most, we thought we would help clarify the different policies you might come across when booking a reservation with us or any other service provider.

No matter how great the deal is and how happy you are with the price you have secured, we recommend informing yourselves of the specific cancellation policy before completing your booking so that you know exactly what you can expect in the event that plans work out differently than you originally intended.

There are three principle cancellation policies used by most hotels and booking agencies on and off line that you should familiarize yourself with.

Partial refund

In the event of cancellation, you will be reimbursed for your reservation minus the service fees charged by the hotel and in accordance with their specific terms and conditions. The service fee can range anywhere from just a few dollars to the cost of one full night at the hotel so it really is important to be well informed. When it comes to partial refunds, it is especially important to pay attention to the timeframe set by the service provider within which cancellation can still take place for a partial refund. If you miss the window of time you could be charged more and refunded less.

Full refund

This reservation qualifies you for a full refund upon cancellation so long as you complete the cancellation request before the specific date and time stated within the policy guidelines. This tends to be between 1-3 days prior to the start of your stay. Bookings cancelled after that are non-refundable and can’t be changed. Since a full refund is offered, the price of these types of deals comes at a premium which allows the hotel to insure itself in the event that the customer goes ahead with canceling.


Non-refundable reservations require full payment in advance or clearly state that there is a commitment on behalf of the reservation holder to pay in full and that no refund shall be issued if reservation needs to be canceled. These reservations are usually the most affordable and in that way very appealing. While non-refundable reservations can’t be cancelled or changed, you can always make use of our sales option and sell your reservation to fellow travelers looking to find a great deal. Want to learn more about how to sell your non-refundable reservation? Click here

Please be aware that when a “Free Cancellation” message appears on your browser this may mean more than what it implies and is worth lingering on to read the fine print and details.

In some cases “Free cancellation” means you will have no cancelation fee up to a certain point in time. Be sure you are clear on how long in advance you can notify your hotel about your desire to cancel without being penalized in any case before moving forward with the booking. In most cases even “Free cancellation” policies have a minimal requirement for notification to be considered eligible for full refund as hotels need some insurance that they won’t be left with empty rooms without warning.

We hope this serves to help make your travel experience a positive one. For any further assistance don’t hesitate to contact us at

Wishing you safe and happy travels,

The Traveluro team

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